Repair Services

Whether your home has been the victim of a storm, fire or flood or is simply showing signs of age, there comes a time when even the finest homes require repair. Small repairs can often be easily remedied and prevent larger problems later- “preventative maintenance”. Regretably, some repairs are more complex. Replacing damaged doors, windows, wood trims and moldings may require the skill of an exceptional artisan who must hand-craft materials to match existing elements when they are no longer available. We are distinctly qualified to perform this task. We are highly skilled carpenters and have a wealth of experience to bring to your project.

We understand your urgency. We will formulate a realistic timeline to complete your project and work to repair and restore your home as quickly as possible. When applicable, we’ll interface with your insurance agent regarding estimates of damage and replacement costs etc.

Give us a call with any home repair concerns. If we can’t fix it we’ll be happy to refer you to one of our reputable associates who can help you with your problem.



Leaks in roofs, windows, doors, faulty valves, tile etc can lead to costly damage if not repaired. If you find evidence of water in unexpected places call us and we can track the source of the leak and repair the problem before it causes serious damage. Roof repair, flashing around windows, replacing faulty fixtures can save money in the long term.

Water Damage

A burst pipe, back-up, running faucet, overflow, an open door or window - accidental water intrusion still causes the same damage. Floors buckle, drywall & rugs are damaged and mold and mildew becomes a risk. Although some damage from water must be promptly repaired to eliminate further damage, not all damage is permanent. We can evaluate the situation and make our recommendations, saving you time and money.

Wood Rot

Age, termites, dampness are all primary causes of rotten wood. The structural integrity of your home is compromised by rotten wood and could lead to injury or liability as well as further damage and decay. We can install temporary supports to insure your safety while we inspect, assess and repair the damage.

Fire Damage

We will work with your insuarance agent and construct a timeline and budget for repairing fire damage to your home. Our ability to handle all phases of construction enables us to rebuild and restore your home as quickly as possible without having to rely on other vendors. We’ll have you back in your home in no time.

Dead Tree/Limb Removal

Dead trees or limbs proximate to your home pose a distinct danger which is heightened with any impending storm. The range for potential damage increases with the accompanying wind of a Charleston storm. Removing dead trees or limbs is a highly recommended preventative care project.

Preventative Maintenance

Changing leaking valves, caulking tile, weatherproofing and waterproofing are all effective as preventative measures in home maintenance. Tightening loose railings, replacing loose or damaged deck or dock boards, gluing and grouting loose floor tile are examples of preventative safety measures. Cool air “drafts” are an indication of exposure to the outdoors. This not only drives up utility bills, it puts your home at risk for water, pest and rodent entry. Plug the holes!


Call us at 843-200-1875 to discuss any of your home repair issues. If it’s not something we can help you with we’ll suggest honest and knowledable people or companies we think can. We’re happy to help in any way we can.