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The Renovation Process

The first step in a major home renovation is the design phase. Carefully consider and identify your needs and expectations from the project. Make a list of your priorities and establish an affordable budget. Once you have done this, schedule a complimentary onsite consultation with a renovations contractor. Discuss what you hope to accomplish from the renovation. Review the items on your wish list according to priority and determine if your expectations can be met within the confines of your budget. Ask your contractor to make recommendations on how to get the most value for your dollar. If you have to eliminate items from your wish list or complete them at a later date, determine what things should be done now and why. You may want to consult with more than one contractor so you can evaluate their ability to work with you, Are they listening to your wants. Are they helpful and willing to assist you? Do they return your calls promptly. This will be a good indication of the care they will provide once you decide to engage their services. You should make a decision based on the anticipation of a good working relationship with a competent contractor you trust.

If the project is within your budget you are now ready to begin the planning phase. You will need to hire an architect to draw up the construction plans for the project. These plans will include not only the walls but placement of lighting, plumbing, air vents etc. (If you do not have an architect ask your contractor to recommend one he has worked with favorably). Ask your intended contractor to get involved in this process and review the plans for any potential construction cost savings. Once the plans have been completed, reviewed and accepted they may be presented to any applicable governing regulatory committee for approval. Review the material selection schedule with your contractor. Determine delivery deadlines for items you will be selecting, ie lighting, plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware, flooring etc.

During the planning approval period it is a good time to determine a construction plan. What impact will the renovation have on your daily life? What time will workers show up at your home in the morning? What time will they leave at night? What is the expected duration of the project? Will you be without a bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. You must make any necessary plans to move or protect furnishings etc. Determine where workers will park, will they be blocking your cars when you are trying to leave for work? The best plan is a comprehensive plan. Taking the time to establish guidelines for the construction period as well as an estimated timeline for completion will ease the stress and frustration which often accompany a home renovation. The peace and solitude of your home are temporarily being disrupted and it is beneficial to be prepared for the disruption and focus on the end result, your fabulous renovation!

Once the plans have been approved you are ready to begin the construction phase. In no time at all you will be enjoying the comforts and beauty of your newly renovated home. Sit, relax, enjoy..you’ve earned it!